About me


I am Da Great, also know as Mukasa Kuranima.  I am an intactivist in Uganda Africa. 

I fight both cultural and health circumcision. 

I am staging various circumcision protests and singing anti-circumcision songs that are played on our local radios and television shows. 

I need help from anybody around the world, to financially support me to organize more big circumcision crisis protests and producing /promoting more anti-circumcision songs around the world. 

I am determined to end the boys' bloodshed, the torture, and abuse of children's rights, support me to put circumcision down in Africa.




In Africa, we have two types of circumcision,  healthy circumcision, and cultural circumcision.

This is the modern, scientific, professional cutting off the foreskin from boys penis and it is done by professional doctors.

The bad thing about this circumcision, babies of one day are cut in hospitals around Africa. It is barbaric to undertake on a baby to severe pain and the wound on his penis.

It scares me to see a doctor injecting a penis, it scares a lot injection on the penis even if it is for adults. After circumcision, the babies/boys live in a lot of pain nurse the wound.

In Africa, because of poor health, boys have lost their penises due to the fact that they were not attending well after circumcision and their penis decayed. This is because, doctors'  care only about cutting many people, they never mind about medication after circumcision.

Many boy's penes have had problems since they are cut on the streets after the doctors persuasively calling boys for the health free circumcision. 

Also, in Africa, doctors visit a school and cut all boys by force even without the acknowledgment of their parents. For example, in Uganda, your son can go to school with his foreskin and comes back without it, although some African parents want their boys to stay intact.

After free circumcision, high costs of treatment and some parents wouldn't meet since circumcision of their children is done when they are not prepared and I have met many calling for help but they fear to come out in public.

The reason for circumcision is to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases which is not appropriate since many circumcised men have been affected by HIV/AIDS and STDs.

This is the insane cutting off foreskin from boys. It is done by much of African society although some don't do it. It is done to grown-up boys starting from 14 years and more before marriage and producing children.

This circumcision is dangerous compared to health circumcision since it is done by non-professionals who never went to school. They do it in public when all people are seeing after severe torture beating around the community.

The reason for cultural circumcision is to transform a boy to manhood or childhood to adulthood. This is no about the prevention of STDs. Here no medical treatment is offered, no injection on the penis that reduces pain, they work with a knife that peels food.

In our societies that do it, it is compulsory every boy has to undergo it. You can't escape since even if you escape they can't burry your body when it is not circumcised. Some run away to societies that don't circumcise but they have waited on their visit to their parents and they are cut in a mob. Even if you fail to visit your parents, they wait when you die and they cut your body.

All in all, male circumcision violates children's rights and human rights and this is a reason we came up to this Injustice to our boys in Africa and the world at large, we call upon people around the world to join us in this struggle to conserve the prevent parts since the future of the world lies in private parts. Thank you.